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World boss dynamic events will start on a global daily schedule. This means that the same boss event will start up at the same time across all instances of the. Guild Wars 2 Wiki Guide. World.World Boss Rush. We think the biggest, baddest monsters terrorizing Tyria’s farmlands, swamps, coastlines, tundra, volcanos—and more!—have gotten a little too comfortable in their routines. We’re shaking things up by hitting them where it counts—right in the loot drops.World bosses are special event bosses encountered throughout the open world of Tyria that spawn a ground chest (that can be looted once per character per day) and award players with one bonus chest containing a piece of rare or exotic gear (limited to once per account per day) when defeated.icon marks the boss as today's current PvE Daily Achievement. Info is pulled from the Official GW2 API. × button on the top right hides that boss. If you have any hidden bosses, a blue "Show Hidden Bosses" button will appear at the bottom of the page which allows you to set your list back to the default.Bosses is an achievement category for achievements earned by doing certain things during world boss fight. A total of 8 Boss achievements can be attained Guild wars 2 world bosses. Optional: API settings. Applying an API key here will grey out achievements that you have already obtained for your account. See API key documentation for help. Guild wars 2 world bosses.

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