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POE is ok with simple macros that "perform one action". This is sort of a gray area. ALT + F4 in one macros are ok by GGG so single simple chat commands are ok. What isn't ok: multiple flasks at once macro, spamming trade chat macro and more. This example is my understanding of GGG's rules: What is ok for a macro to do: return, /itemlevel, returnGo to %Userprofile%DocumentsPoE-TradeMacro (you can paste this into the explorer to navigate there). Make sure this folder is empty. Make sure your TradeMacro folder is not on your desktop or somewhere in this mentioned directory (no subdirectory either) Poe hideout macro. Show us your "installation path".Because it's not part of the game. It's probably from the trade macro or logout macro, both have a /hideout shortcut but I'm not sure if it's on the same key. 3. level 1. shadowsdelight. · 4y. Warband. It's a trade macro feature. It just types /hideout.Can I use a macro to send a chat command, or other chat message? Yes. It is totally fine to use a macro to say thanks for the trade :) or to send chat commands such as /hideout or /oos. GGG views each of these as being a single action. Sources; (Direct) Chris on the forum (Direct) Yeran_GGG on the forum; Can my macro send /oos and perform.Your hideout is where you access almost all of the end-game content Poe hideout macro. They are used to run maps, store items, trade with other players, interact with masters and so much more. Your hideout is not only a critical part of your Path of Exile success, it is also a wonderful outlet for your own creativity. Poe hideout macro.

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