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Staves are fairly rare in Skyrim, but can prove very useful. For necromancers, there are two main options you may be interested in. The first is a staff that casts ice spells like Ice Spike. This lets you keep up the offense even when you run out of magicka.An Altmer Necromancer. For the Conjuration perk in Skyrim, see Necromancy (Perk) and Necromancer. Necromancy, commonly called The Black Arts, and called "Alok-Dilon" in the Dragon Language, is a sub-school of Conjuration. Necromancy particularly deals with enslavement and utilization of involuntary souls and their bodies Skyrim necromancy.A Necromancer Necromancers rely on their reanimated allies and Destruction spells in combat, and carry a leveled dagger in case of close-quarters fighting (iron, steel, orcish, dwarven, elven, glass, or an enchanted dagger of any quality from iron to Daedric).Necromancy in Skyrim: Throughout skyrim you will frequently encounter necromancers, necromancy itself is feared and those who practice it are shunned or persecuted, forced to operate away from civilisation, although it is not illegal. Skyrim necromancy.

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