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Parse (platform) Parse was a mobile backend as a service platform originally developed by the provider Parse, Inc. The company was acquired by Facebook in 2013 and shut down in January 2017. Following the announcement in 2016 of the impending shutdown, the platform was subsequently open sourced . Since the hosted service was shut down, Parse.JavaScript SDK: FB Facebook parse.XFBML.parse() This function parses and renders XFBML markup in a document on the fly. This could be used if you send XFBML from your server via ajax and want to render it client side. XFBML enables you to incorporate FBML into your websites and IFrame applications.Parse Server and Dashboard The REST server and dashboard to manage your data. Documentation Learn more about deploying your own Parse Server, or dive into our.By making Parse a part of Facebook Platform, we want to enable developers to rapidly build apps that span mobile platforms and devices. Parse makes this possible by allowing developers to work with native objects that provide backend services for data storage, notifications, user management, and more. This removes the need to manage servers and. Facebook parse.

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