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You can find a tomato plant in Oasis Springs in the little community garden area by the river across the road from Johnny Zest’s house, Slipshod Mesquite is the name of the lot, but it only blooms in summer.An oasis nestled in the austere beauty of the western desert, this haven of eclectic culture is fringed by countless soaring palms, and lent vibrant color through impossibly lush landscaping. Oasis Springs offers relaxing retreats from the sun to any traveler who discovers it.Oasis Springs Commercial District Desert Bloom Park. Secret lot. Forgotten Grotto. Lots. There are a total of 16 residential lots and 5 community lots in Oasis Springs. Inhabited Affluista Mansion, owned by Landgraab Cacti Casa, owned by Roomies Slipshod Mesquite, owned by Zest Sultry Springside, owned by Caliente. Uninhabited Agave Abode.Gave the Slipshod Mesquite lot (Oasis Springs) a little makeover. Close. 11. Posted by 20 days ago. Gave the Slipshod Mesquite lot (Oasis Springs) a little makeover. 1/4 Slipshod mesquite in oasis springs.Oasis Springs Affluista Mansion • Agave Abode • Arid Ridge • Oasis Public Pool • Cacti Casa • Desert Bloom • Dusty Turf • Granada Place • Nookstone • Pebble Burrow • Raffia Quinta • Oasis Springs Dust Bowl • Rio Verde • Sandtrap Flat • Slipshod Mesquite • Springscape • Sultry Springside • The Solar Flare.Oasis Springs is a world that was shipped with The Sims 4 base game alongside Willow Creek. It is set in the middle of a desert and its appearance is reminiscent of many desert locations in the Southwestern United States. 1 Overview 2 Neighborhoods 2.1 Secret lot 3 Lots 3.1 Residential lots 3 Slipshod mesquite in oasis springs.1.1 Inhabited 3.1.2 Uninhabited 3.1.3 Empty lots 3.2 Community lots 4 Families 4.1 New families 4.2. Slipshod mesquite in oasis springs.


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