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A good nature for Gyarados is one that lowers it's low Special Attack stat while raising it's Attack or Speed stats to improve it's attacking power. Recommended natures are Adamant for raisingAccepted Answer. Jolly or Adamant are the best possible natures available. Although if it's only for in game use any nature that doesn't flat out lower attack is probably fine. If it's competitiveAlso, you might be better off catching a lot of Ditto, find one with the nature you want, put an Everstone on it, then Breed it with a MALE Magikarp/Gyarados, the baby you get has a 50% chance of inheriting the mother's nature if the mother is holding an Everstone. This also helps with getting set natures for other Pokemon. User Info: Vivisqeq Best nature for gyrados.With an Adamant nature, Gyarados hits 391 Speed, outspeeding +Speed base 120s and Choice Scarf Tyranitar; however, with a Jolly nature, Gyarados gets the jump on Timid Jolteon, so that is worthy of consideration. Waterfall is Gyarados's main means of doing damage, being able to break through the majority of walls, since most don't resist Water.Waterfall hits popular physically defensive Pokemon like Landorus-T for super effective damage and gives Gyarados good neutral coverage. Earthquake is a solid option on Gyarados, as it gives it the capability to hit Toxapex, Magnezone, Mega Mawile, and Magearna for super effective damage. Best nature for gyrados.


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